RubberGuard is a Danish company based on the invention of the conductive rubber, which is used for many purposes when it comes to safety for animals and humans.

RubberGuard has partners and customers worldwide.

A revolutionary invention

The purpose of the company is to solve challenges with fencing, protection of assets and security solutions in an unprecedented way - with a completely unique product for the market. No other product has the properties, qualities and positive effects that RubberGuard Fencing and Barrier have.

Conductive rubber

After researching for three years, Simon came up with a product consisting of live rubber - and the first product was the Kick-Stop plate. The problem was solved and the process started new thoughts. www.kickstop.dk

“During the process of developing the Kick-Stop plate, I could see that this new material and the way to conduct electricity could be used in other contexts. I therefore continued to work with the product and later developed the fence wire RubberGuard Fencing and a conductive safety product RubberGuard Barrier ”.


Our history

Simon Thorkelin

Founder of the company and inventor of the RubberGuard products. Simon has been dealing with horses since 1963 and has over the years been active in both warmblood breeding and equestrian sports.0

It was a personal event that back in 2006 gave Simon the idea to use conductive rubber and started a journey towards the invention of KickStop, RubberGuard Wire and RubberGuard Barrier.

“It all started with a horse that sustained injuries due to continuous kicking against the walls of its box. A not unknown phenomenon is that horses can be injured by the kick when staying in the box. Since there was no method to solve this problem, I decided to dedicate my time to finding a way to regulate the behavior of the horse. My goal was to find a method that - without compromising the horse's health, wellbeing or animal ethics rules - could remedy the self - harming behavior of the horse ”.