Baden Württemberg

Project in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

"... This project is very important and we need the best results to offer solutions to keep animals safe for a number of pet owners, breeders and others. So we plan

  1. to test RubberGuard Fencing at a horse stud (Icelandic horses) in the northern part of the Black Forest
  2. to test your RubberGuard Barrier at a sheep farm with open barn (3 sides closed, an open front) also in the Black Forest.

The best energizer would be with battery as most of these farmers have the animals far away from their farmhouses.

Our project is funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the results will be shared with all the states of Germany.

Wolves have become an increasing problem with livestock kept in meadows and in open stables, so we have to solve this problem as soon as possible, to help all the farmers, who are concerned about their animals, as best we can. "