The Golden Triangle

RubberGuard Wire in

The Golden Triangle

In the golden triangle, on the border between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, John Edward Roberts works to save and protect elephants in the wild. This includes securing the elephants behind reliable fences.

This is his comment: "our Rubberguard fence has worked very well on a small scale for a friendly group of elephants for over six months, my board is now ready to begin the next phase."

During my work with wildlife management, including service in the Danish Game Counsil and as advisor for the health of working elephants in South East Asia, I have followed the various kinds of fencing.

Here it has been encouraging to see the development within electric fencing created by RubberGuard. The RubberGuard Fencing wire seems efficient, where other electric fences fail, the lead of work for maintaining an electric fence is reduced, and the RubberGuard wire reduces the risk of entanglement and snaring of the animals.

Bjarne Clausen, veterenary advisor for the National Elephant Institute, Thailand