Effective solution for keeping birds away RubberGuard Bird-Stop®

When birds settle on buildings, they are damaged by the massive exposure to moisture and acid. Residents are exposed to noise, nuisance and the risk of infection, tourists find other places and restaurants lose revenue.

Millions of dollars in damage can be avoided with RubberGuard Bird-Stop®

Seagulls, pigeons and other birds damage buildings every year for millions of dollars, so there is a great need for an effective and economical solution to keep the birds at a distance.

RubberGuard Bird-Stop® is a new and revolutionary solution for keeping birds away. It works, has good economy and it does not damage the building. Bird-Stop® can be installed on any building and has a long service life.

RubberGuard Bird-Stop® saves children in kindergarten from aggressive seagulls

A kindergarten in Horsens, Denmark, had for a long time been bothered by aggressive seagulls and it was a problem for the children to stay outside. Therefore, Bird Stop® Bird Protection was installed and it solved the problem.

Department manager Flemming Larsen, Horsens Municipality, says: “The feedback from the employees at the institution in Horsens, who have had Bird Stop installed, is positive.

Bird Stop has thus become a welcome supplement to combat seagull problems ”.

RubberGuard Bird-Stop® prevents birds from settling

RubberGuard Bird-Stop® is a unique product consisting of electrically conductive rubber wire with tinned copper conductors that ensures constant and reliable current conduction.

Bird-Stop® is mounted where the birds are staying. When the bird lands and touches the wire, it receives a slight electric shock, which causes it to fly away. Tests have shown that birds most often do not settle at all, as they are able to detect the current from a distance.