Danish invention based on practical experience

RubberGuard Fencing meets the requirements for electric fencing of horses. It must work every day, even when it is raining or snowing, or vegetation is growing up around the fence wire. It should be animal friendly - no leg injuries to foals or adult horses, it should be easy to install and have a long life.

Minimal maintenance and longevity

RubberGuard Fencing works unaffected by wet grass or other vegetation. The wire does not cut into the horses' legs like traditional fence wire. RubberGuard Fencing can be easily mounted on ordinary isolators for fence wire, and it has a lifespan of up to 20 years. In addition, it can be easily rolled up again and moved to another fold. The RubberGuard Wire can be easily installed in wet areas, and lots of hours are saved with the brushcutter, as vegetation does not affect the function of the electric fence.

Please contact us for advice on how to get a safe and animal-friendly electric fence with a long service life.

Secure fencing of horses with RubberGuard Wire

Horse owners and breeders want a safe and animal-friendly fence with a long life, which does not require many hours of maintenance or cost a fortune. The traditional electric wire fence requires regular inspection of vegetation under the fence, there is a risk of damage to the legs, and furthermore it has a short lifespan.

RubberGuard Wire is the modern animal-friendly and economical solution.

"The RubberFence wire was originally developed for a single purpose, namely to secure horses against fold injuries. Subsequently, the wire has been further developed and tested in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, so that it now appears to be probably the world's best fence wire. ..."

Riders Notebook

February 2019

The wire is surprisingly easy to mount and can be used on existing material without any problems. We use RubberGuard Wire for permanent enclosures

and welcome the high level of security on a daily basis.

Trine Dyhre

Stutteri Dyhre

The Rubber Fencing is a 1 man job, very simple to install...all I needed was 3 insulators on every post, for a 3 strand conductive rubber fence (done in no time).
The horse shows respect for the conductive rubber fence, resulting

in no more chewing on the poles,
and nearly eliminating the timber maintenance.”

Richard Barcley

Melbourne, Australia